Friday, April 5, 2013

Jewelry Peeps Listen Up. These Ladies Changed My World!

For those following their dreams and working hard to sell their jewelry it can be full of struggle, joy, doubt, fear, wonder, and many challenges.

I felt I needed to share this with those who feel like they don't have a community, aren't making enough profit for themselves, or don't know what the next step is for them and their jewelry endeavors.

Just breathe..... I want to tell you about Flourish and Thrive Academy. These have been the most inspiring ladies that I have had the pleasure of working with.


The whole mala making and jewelry thing just seemed to blossom organically for me. Only until recently did this become something real and tangible....something that made my heart thump when I thought about all I could do. Something that allowed me to be artistic and authentic and create a profit.

But I realized I needed help. I was stuck swimming in my own set of limitations. I was so full of joy as I created, but I wanted to create something that would sustain me and my family. I wanted to move forward and to focus on what truly brought me happiness, to simplify and streamline, to have a supportive community where I could be open about my struggles and ask questions but I had no idea how or where to get this or even if it existed.

This is where Flourish and Thrive Academy came in. Tracy and Robin helped me in so many areas, including areas outside my business. (And the fact that they were both serious Yoginis made it clear that I needed to hear their message!)

I signed up for their free trainings (I never signed up for any trainings before) and listened in on their free calls. From the very first email I was hooked. Being a native New Yorker I have to admit I am skeptical about these things. But once I heard how genuine these women were, how much knowledge they had to share about their own business and how eager they were to truly put all that good energy out there and create a community, it felt like everything came together for me. So much that I signed up to be an affiliate. Something I never thought I would be doing at any point in my life. But man, these ladies truly rocked my world. I can't say enough about how generous and knowledgeable they are. Good karma is swirling around these women!

They showed me how to optimize my site, connect more with my clients, and create amazing newsletters. I learned how to create collections that would sell and stay true to my art and my vision. They also demystified pricing for me (a real biggie for me personally!) and helped me focus and identify my dream client to create abundance and more sales. There were videos, worksheets, 2 hour calls each week and an awesome online community that supported me and helped me through my struggles.

This isn't an overnight thing. But since taking their course two months ago I have launched brand new collections in higher price ranges. My most expensive pieces have sold already and I have more newsletter sign ups each week than I have had in months. I feel like I am being even truer to my voice and my passions. My income is steadily increasing and I am feel so much smarter about how I am conducting my business. And I am not scared of calling it a business! I have also begun the amazing journey of casting my pieces for mass production, something I had no clue about before. I would never have tried this without their support. I am literally jumping out of my skin with excitement when I think about my new projects, and I feel really confident about how to promote them and get noticed.

You can easily sign up for their free trainings by clicking below. Some serious knowledge and love will be sent to your inbox. And after getting the free trainings do come back and tell me what you thought of them!

They have inspired and helped me in so many ways, I hope they do the same for you!

Love and Light,

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