Thursday, May 20, 2010

Om is In!!

For those of you who meditate, the sound of Om (often spelled Aum or Ohm) should be a familiar one! Om is said represent the Universe, even it's very vibration. Chanting Om can instantly draw one inward and create a space of peace.....

I am endlessly browsing Etsy for handmade goods for this most ancient and mysterious symbol. I hope you find these images as inspiring as I do!






Friday, May 14, 2010

Mantra Mom - Uplifting Mantras For The Modern Mom

Mantra Mom (aka. Nina Patel) is a special recording artist that I am so excited to introduce you to! She is a unique and vibrant kirtan artist who has been practicing mantra yoga since she was a young child. Now with two children of her own, she seeks to create music for on-the-go woman/mother that will both invigorate and educate.

For those who may not be familiar with mantras, they are vibratory sounds that exist in all languages and religions. As Nina explains "Our minds can find healing and empowerment through meditation and recitation of mantras. If repeatedly constantly during meditation...mantras have the power to change our consciousness." And who wouldn't want a little change of consciousness on our way to or from work to help us ease out of a stressful day?!

Nina says, "My music won't get you into alpha mode.  It's not meant to mediate with. My music is meant to teach you the correct pronunciation and enunciation of the mantra with the help of catchy beats so one can  learn them faster and accurately. Hence, the tracks are only 3 minutes long and the CD is only 30 minutes long which is perfect for someone to play during their morning commute or before bed."

Her newest album I am.. is a balanced mix of her Indian heritage and Westernized life. She presents lyrical mantras over Indian instruments and layers them with Western beats, creating a fun and easy to learn presentations of some of the most ancient and powerful mantras. "My new album offers a simple and practical way for people of all religious backgrounds to experience the ancient healing powers of mantra music while driving, cooking, exercising, and simply living their daily, modern life..." Nina explains.

Moms are extremely busy these days...I just hope you aren't doing all of those things at once! And if you are, perhaps listening to Nina's work will keep you focused and joyful.

And what is even better is that her music is not only accessible to adults, but to children as well. Nina noticed the calming effects of chanting mantras with her own children and was inspired to create and album geared towards kids of all ages and backgrounds. The children's cd, called Mantras for my children..and yours as well as I am... is available on her website, iTunes and cdbaby. (I am will be released in three weeks on iTunes.) 10% of the CD profits will go towards Vibha, a non-profit organization helping kids in India.

To listen to samples, view videos or purchase her albums please visit her website