Saturday, October 29, 2011

Welcome Back, Welcome Back

At the encouragement of some wonderful fans, I have decided to restart this meandering little blog in the hopes of inspiring, uplifting, and perhaps entertaining you dear readers.

My last post was in the Summer of 2010 and only now do I endeavor to write again. Why, you ask? Fast forward to Oct 2010. See photo below and notice I am assisting her, only slightly of course, in the formation of her first mudra!

After giving birth to an amazing little yogini last year, (my guru as I refer to her) I have been attempting to figure out how to sustain this little being, continue my practice and create custom malas, yoga jewelry, clean my home, dress myself, brush my teeth and perform other normal human tasks that used to be quite simple. And so here I am again after an odd late night calling that told me blogging would be enjoyable and possible. And thanks to all who encouraged it!

What is in store? Interviews with some of my favorite yoginis and yogis, finding new and interesting organic fashion, yoga gift guides, updates on some of my most dear projects, giveaways and hopefully some surprises! Who is still with me?!

Peace and Light,