Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Meet My Guru. She is Two and Half Feet Tall

I have never traveled to India. I have never intentionally saught the wisdom of a great sage. I was told that when the student is truly ready, the teacher will arrive. I waited patiently.....and she did.   Mine arrived in the form of a tiny little Buddha not even three feet tall. That little Buddha is my daughter.

The word guru can be translated as "the one who removes darkness".

She has taught me:
  • To impart wisdom, one does does need the use of words.
  • To lose all attachment to things.
  • How to discard expectation, and that just about anything may happen in a day.
  • That each lesson is presented at exactly the right time, even if I don't consider it so.
  • Compassion for all beings, no matter how small.
  • That wisdom has little to do with your time on this earth.
  • The meaning of true love through selfless devotion.
  • That wonder can be found anywhere and in anything.
  • The joy of giving all for the safety, happiness and health of another being.
  • The beauty of offering my complete Self to each task I endeavor.
  • That the past should be immediately forgotten.
  • That the present is the most blissful place to be.
  • That each day is filled with the potential of sparkling miracles, if only I choose to truly look.


  1. What a wonderful way to see parenthood. It really changes everything. I felt like everything in my life was more intense and had more meaning after my first baby was born.