Sunday, April 8, 2012

Jewels of Saraswati Gifts Drew Barrymore!

Some of you may have heard the big news......I will be sending one of my newest designs to Drew Barrymore in association with The Artisan Group!

This is a wonderful opportunity for exposure for a small shop like mine and I was very excited to be chosen to create something unique for her. Although I am not big on celebrities, there is something sweet and fun about Drew to me. She appears a little more down to earth and I have heard several stories of her traveling to India and taking up Yoga. Drew's style seems to be boho chic, fun, and especially now with a new little soul on the way, I thought she would enjoy a necklace with calming and spiritual elements.

After some thought I created a necklace that may be used as a mala if desired. It is 54 beads of rudraksha with citrine spaced in between. I used beautiful honey to light colored citrine rondelles, faceted green aventurine briolettes and an extra large faceted nugget of amethyst.

It is packed in a beautiful Namaste mala pouch that is hand-sewn and hand-stamped by one of my favorite shops, The Blissful Turtle. I only recently sent it to its first location where it will be packed in a bag of items by other talented members of The Artisan Group and then delivered directly to Drew.

So make sure to keep your eyes peeled! Perhaps one day you will see a photo of Drew on the street wearing this! .....Or maybe her assistant. :) Either way I have had so much fun making this necklace and have been very much inspired by amethyst. Expect to see more similar items in the shop in the coming months.

After such a great response from this mala necklace, I created another with identical materials for the shop shown in the photo below. You can click here to learn more about this special necklace.


  1. That necklace/mala embodies gorgeousness and beauty. I hope to see Drew wearing it soon!

  2. love your work. looks so beautiful! Drew will LOVE it.

  3. Beautiful design and eye catching!!
    You are a rock star in my opinion!

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