Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why wait?

Each month I attend a wonderful Raja Yoga satasang at The Integral Yoga Institute. (For those unfamiliar with the word satasang-  in sanskrit sat = true, sanga = company. A satsang is generally a gathering of people who get together to discuss truth, yogic teachings etc., and work to assimilate them into their daily lives.)

This last satsang was so much fun and I wanted to share our "homework" with you and a beautiful lesson.

It began with a well known story of Swami Kriyananda and a few of his devotees. They had saved and saved to buy a new van for their ashram. When they had finally saved enough money and bought the van, the very day they were driving back they had a minor collision and the new van got  terribly scratched.

All the devotees were extremely upset. Swami Kriyananda, however, was just sitting there with a big grin on his face. When the devotees asked him why he was smiling, he said "Will you cry about this forever?", to which they agreed they would not. His response, "So why wait!"

I think this lesson is so beautiful and I have been thinking on this all month. Our "homework", so to speak, was to see if we could let go of all those things that bother us just a little quicker. There will be trial and sadness but will we be affected by it forever? Will we hold onto these things? Why wait to let them go? Why wait for your happiness! Get it now!

So don't wait another second!


  1. Your wise story reminds me of what a wise midwife is "teaching" me... "Do your best and if there's nothing more you can do just be in peace with it and let go"

  2. Such sage and serene advice. Thanks, it's what I needed today.