Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Enlightenment...So Easy A Baby Can Do It.


As many of you know I love to call my daughter my little guru. She has taught me more about my path than anything else in the world.

As I was watching her play the other day I realized I was witnessing something I have been seeking myself for a long while... pure bliss. Her pure bliss. She danced playfully in the sun in our living room one morning. Every movement seemed to be an exploration of her joy. Every muscle was working yet fully relaxed. She was giggling only in a way that she can giggle....part laugh, part cackle. She kept bending over to peek her head through her legs upside down. That was when I realized I was witnessing something totally magical. I realized what she was showing me all along.

I thought to myself- What if I were to look at everything as if it were new, or a game, or something pleasurable to explore? What if I smiled at inanimate objects and touched everything that looked interesting? What if I smiled at strangers more? Laughed at everything I could? What if I fell a lot and didn't think twice about it? Or danced any way my soul felt like it needed to? What if I gave kisses whenever the mood struck me? What if I took the greatest pride in the tiniest things I had done? What if I got closer to people? What if I hugged more? What if I had no concept of time? What if I took the time to pick up the little things on the ground? What if.....

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