Sunday, January 1, 2012

Beautiful Intentions - Zafu Giveaway

This is my favorite time of year! We consciously make an effort to take more time for reflection, to spend more time with loved ones and create positive intentions for the upcoming year. To start it off with a little inspiration towards our goals, I thought it would be lovely to have a giveaway!

It all started with an elephant.... 

My dear facebook yogini friend Angela of Inner Space Yoga had inquired about creating a custom elephant necklace recently, which then sparked the idea to ask her if she would like to participate in a giveaway. I was thrilled when she agreed that she would! You see, I have been adoring her zafus, eye pillows and bolsters for many many months now.  So with elephants on the brain, she diligently went to work to create this gorgeous handmade zafu just for this event. If you missed the last blog post all about Angela and Inner Space Yoga, you can read it here.

For those who are not familiar with what a zafu is, it is a cushion designed specifically for seated meditation. Angela told me a bit about the fabric (called "Karavan") and design. It was created by a designer named Valori Wells, for Free Spirit Fabrics.  Angela tells me she chose this fabric because it reminded her of the brightly decorated buses, delivery trucks, and autorickshaws in India.  And they sometimes decorate elephants there, as well.  It's a very happy fabric!  The base fabric is a very soft deep navy blue brushed twill. The zafu is filled with buckwheat hulls, and there's a zipper under the carrying strap so the buckwheat hulls can be emptied out to adjust the height for sitting.

To enter to win this unique zafu (make sure to do all three!):

1. Head over to Inner Space Yoga on Facebook and click like. Angela is a beautiful and colorful yogini with so much to share!

2. If you aren't connected with me on facebook, I would love to meet you! Click like on the Jewels Of Saraswati page.

3. Leave a comment on this blog post about what your beautiful intentions (or resolutions) are for the coming year. It can be to sit for more formal meditation or simply to practice more intention is too big or too small. Just make sure to leave an email or info so that I can contact you.

*The winner will be announced on the Jewels Of Saraswati facebook page and will be contacted via email. If there is no response within three days, then another winner will be chosen. This giveaway will end 1/16/12. (Sorry, this giveaway is only for those residing in the U.S.!)

Good luck everyone!


  1. OMG love this zafu! I'm obsessed with all thing Inner Space Yoga and Elephants so it is a perfect match for me! My intention is to write all of my yoga classes before teaching. I am hoping this will deepen my message to my students and provide me with a great resource for a long life of being a yoga teacher.

    Love you both!!

  2. steps one and two were already done. step three: deepen my meditation practice with a goal of learning to be more compassionate and kind with myself. sounds so simple.... and yet.

  3. Happy New Year!!
    My intention is to commit to a more regular yoga practice, and to attend a meditation workshop here locally. Gotta keep the stress-hounds at bay ;)
    This zafu would be perfect!!
    Good luck, everyone <3

    1. Juliet! You have won!!! Please contact me asap at with your shipping address and I will get this lovely zafu out to you this week.

      Peace and Light- L

  4. My intention for the year is to commit to my personal practice every day in 2012. Whether it's just 5 minutes of seated meditation or a full blown yoga practice, I'm committing to cultivating my personal time on my mat!

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  6. That zafu is a work of art. My intention for this year is to do more letting go rather than fixing -- I know this will be a big challenge for me. Meditation will play a big role in that unfolding -- and how lucky I would be to do my sitting upon that bolster!

  7. step one and two, complete :)

    my intention for the year is to let go of emotional attachments. learn to let go so i can follow my hearts desire. stop letting attachments hold me back from my true hearts desire. jai!

  8. steps one and two done - you guys are definitely "liked." ;)

    my intention/mantra for 2012 is success. i'm manifesting my dreams of creating my own business. taking a seat (on a beautiful zafu) for a few minutes a day helps me stay focused on what is necessary and what isn't. what a beautiful giveaway! hugs & namaste!

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  10. Hello there! So happy to be put in contact with such inspiring artwork and words.

    My intentions for 2012 are still unfolding... I try to pick one or two words in the new year to be a mantra for me throughout the year. Last year, it was 'intention- to love and live and behave with intention. This year, I think it will be 'love' and 'awareness.' To love myself, make time for myself, so that I can shine that love outward to my friends, family and community. If I am not loving myself, I am not as able to project that outward. Awareness is also a way for me to take care of myself- to be aware of whether I am nurturing myself, and to be aware of my behaviors and responses.

    Happy New Year, and Namaste!

  11. It looks beautiful :) I have a few "resolutions" for this year, many of them focused around a larger goal of putting energy into small tasks that will improve my well-being. Including: buying more organic/local foods from the co-op, attending yoga more frequently and trying to practice at home, and planting a few herbs to grow in my apartment. I'm finishing up my last year of grad school and in order to stay grounded I'm just trying to remind myself that it's the little things that count.

    I can't tell if my log-in thing is working correctly, so here is my email: penelopeyocum [at] gmail [dot] com

  12. That is a beautiful Zafu! Angela does great work; I have one of her basic models. My intentions for this year do include getting back to daily meditations as well as daily Yoga. I have been practicing Yoga 4-5 times per week and meditating 2-3 times per week this past year.
    Bill Harrison -

  13. My intention for 2012 is to change the local yoga paradigm -- when I return from India I am starting a non-profit corp. to bring yoga to underserved populations. for real.

  14. I intend to continue volunteering to help lighten the load for others by being a client rep utilizing the Family Constellations system. It's a technique that helps you transform the energy around "stuff" that you carry for your family system.

  15. I was so surprised that we had not already connected on Facebook! I see your beautiful creations all over the place, I'm happy to officially “like you”.

    My intention this year is to cultivate peace. I'm not speaking of world peace, but peace within my world. I will quietly on purpose make an effort to slow down, calm down, and take the most peacemaking option.

  16. To reconnect with my soul, God, and let myself be guided. To find joy, happiness, kindness, and the strength to make a difference in this world, in the here and now, for all species.