Sunday, January 8, 2012


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I am a believer that transformation can happen at any place in time, not just at the beginning of each year. We are filled with infinite potential......unlimited........always.

So as one who appears staunchly against "resolutions", I seem to have a good many intentions whirling through my mind for the coming year!  All of you have been so awesome to share with me your plans for the future in the latest giveaway post and I am now very inspired to share with you some of mine. This year already feels quite significant to me in terms of transformation and I am wholeheartedly working towards these small, but important goals. I am not worried about being successful or not. I am endeavoring to be kind to myself and do the very best I can. I know with each intention, if offered with sincerity and an open heart, will move me forward.

My intentions:

1. More lovingkindess. I am going to look more strangers in the eye when I am interacting with them. I am going to find beauty and humanity in each person I come across. It is easy to overlook people at the checkout, on the street, at the bank, in so many daily situations.

2. Journal writing. I used to write profusely in a journal everyday for many years. It has been some time since then, but having the goal of writing everyday, or at least a few times a week will give me needed time to reflect and to articulate my goals both physical and spiritual.

3. Simplify. Simplify every aspect of my life. If I have it and don't need it -give it away. (If I think I need it- remind myself I don't!) Organize. See what is truly essential and surround myself with the uplifting and inspiring. Endeavor to do one task at a time and give it my fullest attention.

4. Use my words carefully. Understanding that each word can manifest. Each word sends an energy into the world whether positive or negative. I would like to cultivate more awareness for this and see how many things will change!

5. One spiritual reading a day. Anything for the soul, once a day. It can be as brief as a poem by Rumi or as full as a book about the Saints of India. I want to keep inspiring myself to remain on a joyful and loving path even for a few minutes each day.

What are your intentions for the new year?

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  1. Beautiful! Letting go is my intention for the year -- already so difficult, yet freeing when I can manage it!